Erin Frank, RYT200

Erin grew up on the east coast, and during a spring break from college at University of Pittsburgh she made her first trip to the west coast to visit some friends. While visiting she fell in love with the big mountains and the rocky coastline. She couldn't think of a better place to live then an hour from the ocean and an hour from big mountains. By the end of that year she packed up and moved to Eugene.

It was during her last term at University of Oregon when she needed one PE credit to graduate that she took her first yoga class. Since then she has taken many yoga classes at many studios and gyms finding some great instructors and some terrible ones along the way.

She took her first hot yoga class ever at ZenSpot in 2012. The sweat made her happy, and she greatly appreciated the consistency and exact cuing each different instructor that teaches at ZenSpot offered.

When not doing yoga Erin enjoys hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and skiing, and whenever possible traveling outside of the country to experience new cultures.