Laura Harr, RYT200

Laura's dedication to Yoga developed when she was pregnant with her daughter Laylah and needed to create a sanctuary within her body. Through the many limbs of yoga, she was able to find balance and calm for herself and her baby, during an unpredictable and chaotic time in her life. 

She continued on the yoga journey and found that sanctuary on and off the yoga mat. She knows that her mat is always there for her and at times is the center of peace and harmony. Through asana practice she fearlessly discovered personal boundaries, and found the courage to expand and discover new limits. She also found that the implement of practice transfers off of the yoga mat and helps her find strength and courage throughout daily life. Yoga helps Laura to naturally return to breath, find the strength to bring balance into all avenues of life and the courage to keep her eye on the horizon that allows for continued growth and expansion.