Ayurvedic Nutritional Coaching
Ayurvedic Nutritional Coaching


ZenSpot considers all aspects of a client’s physical, emotional and spiritual health in order to provide a comprehensive plan for balanced living. Coaching sessions will provide the client with an understanding of his/her individual Dosha (body constitution) type, information regarding the body's responses to stress, food, weather, and conditions that may cause imbalance, and tools on how to change/modify diet and lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight, prevent illness, reduce stress and increase energy. 

What can I expect from my coaching sessions?

Upon your first consultation you will receive a dosha analysis (body constitution test) that will become the basis for developing an individualized lifestyle and weight management plan. Subsequent sessions can include coaching on the importance of healthy digestion as key to overall health, weight loss, and vibrant living, information on food sensitivities and cravings, and a “how-to" balance plan that includes cleansing, exercise, diet, stress management and important concepts on optimal living.

Where does the coaching take place?

Counseling takes place at ZenSpot Eugene, ZenSpot Portland, via phone, online video conferencing, or at a location specified by the client. If coaching does take place at a client-preferred location other fees apply.

Is it ok to receive coaching if I have a health challenges?

Absolutely. Counseling is especially encouraged for those individuals that may have health challenges and are looking for a way to transform their lives in order to live a positive life of balance free of medication and traditional/pharmaceutical-based Western remedies.

How long is each coaching session?

The first session is 60 minutes in length. Subsequent sessions are 45 minutes.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

This depends on each individual client. However, in order to have a fulfilling experience and comprehensive lifestyle and weight management plan, 5-7 sessions are suggested after initial consultation.

What is the investment in myself?

New Ayurveda Client Special: Idenitify Your Dosha (Body Constitution) Test: $25.00 (online by clicking HERE)

Initial 60-minute consultation: $125.00 (required)
5 Sessions: $115.00 per session
6 Sessions: $110.00 per session
7 Sessions: $105.00 per session
10 Sessions: $100.00 per session

All Purchases are final and non-refundable.