Hot Yoga for Runners Program
Yoga for Runners

Whether you want to cross train, support your passion for running or keep your bones, joints and ligaments supported as you put in the miles, ZenSpot has a solution for you and your running group!

The Hot Yoga for Runners program at ZenSpot is for groups that are interested in including hot yoga in their fitness routine as they train for the next big race!

How It Works

  1. Organize a group of your running buddies. 10 person minimum. 20-30 the organizer gets to attend FREE!
  2. Pick a day and time each week that you would all like to do hot yoga that is not in conflict with the regular ZenSpot hot yoga class schedule. To check our regular schedule visit our Studio Locations and Times page HERE! 
  3. Contact ZenSpot via phone: 1-855-936-7768 or via email: to set your group up with a schedule and a hot yoga teacher.
  4. Choose your group payment plan option. There are several options available- contact ZenSpot for details.
  5. Start practicing hot yoga and enjoy!

Easy, eh? Contact Us TODAY!