Four-Pronged Ayurvedic Approach
Four Pronged Approach

The Four-Pronged Ayurvedic Approach to radiant health is an individualized 6-month program and includes four components to assist you in achieving better health and wellness physically, emotionally, spiritually and environmentally. It is an excellent jump-start out of sluggishness and into a more vibrant way of being.

Prong 1: Ayurvedic Cleansing & Diet

  1. Establishing your dosha (also known as your mind-body type) and discussing the significance it has in your life.
  2. A ten day detoxification cleanse and integration into an Ayurvedic diet specific to your established dosha. 

Prong 2: Yoga & Pranayama 

  1. Unlimited yoga through the ZenSpot studios and/or ZenSpot home DVDs for strength, flexibility, endurance and weight loss.
  2. Pranayama (breathing) exercises specific to your dosha that will help with detoxification and stress release.

Prong 3: Meditation & Life-Coaching

  1. Monthly meditation exercises for clearing the mind and reduce stress so the mind-body connection can strengthen and work together in sync.
  2. Monthly life coaching sessions to discuss program progress, challenges and goals to living your optimal life.

Prong 4: Feng Shui 

  1. De-cluttering session to establish a path to a clean and supportive environment that will maximize your success in the program.
  2. Monthly Feng Shui meetings to discuss progress and changing needs.

The Four-Pronged Ayurvedic Approach brings individuals through an evolutionary journey of diet, fitness, and design fads into a lifestyle that serves as an integrated platform for long-term health and wellness. It is the key to transformation and radiant living and can begin today!

Cost: $1300.00 or Six Monthly Payments of $225.00

For more information or if you have questions call ZenSpot at 541-337-8433 or email us at Namaste!